About Cancen

It is the primary objective of Cancen Oil Processors Inc. to operate its facilities in a professional manner with the highest regard to safety, environmental impact, and regulatory guidelines.

Oil Waste facilities have the tough job of processing off-spec oil and waste. In Alberta’s current economy, oil industry is huge, and keeping it clean is a big job. Cancen Oil Processors Inc. is helping to keep oil waste disposal procedures above regulatory expectations.

Cancen and its staff have over 20 years of experience in oil waste processing, and they fully conform to ERCB regulations. Cancen’s team are industry leaders in processing waste oil and brings his 20 years of industry experience to Cancen. The company is striving to create a value for used oil through its three-stage process, including on-site safe disposal of used water.

The three-stage process ensures the material delivered to site will be handled, categorized, and processed in the best possible manner. The custodial manner in which Cancen is run reflects on its employees as well. Some oil industry work can be unhealthy, but Cancen strives to keep regulations and dialogue with employees for a safe and healthy work environment.