Welcome to Cancen Oil Processors Inc.

Cancen Oil Processors Inc. specializes in the general cleanup and disposal of slop oil, tank bottoms, and crude treatment. By purchasing, re-processing, and selling off-spec oil, Cancen is helping to ensure used oil is prevented from entering ecosystems. Cancen utilizes technology that has been proven across North America to be effective in the highest range of oil/water/solids combinations in conventional and heavy oils.

Services offered by Cancen Oil include:

  • Slop Oil Disposal
  • Tank Bottom Disposal
  • Vacuum Truck Receiving
  • Clean Oil Shipping (light sweet line)
  • Custom Treating Crude Oil
  • Custom Blending
  • Hot Water Sales
  • Truck Steaming

Cancen combines management expertise, low overhead, and a unique process to deliver premium product and services to their clientele, while adhering to ERCB regulations and being fully licensed. With three new locations, Cancen is finding ways to better serve the Alberta market.