Welcome to Cancen Oil Processors Inc.,

Your waste water disposal specialist.

Cancen is a licensed 1B waste disposal well servicing the following industries: Oil & Gas, Waste Management Facilities, Pipe Manufacturing and Truck Washing Facilities.

We specialize in Waste Disposal, Waste Water Disposal, Fluid Disposal, Produced Water Disposal, Disposal Well, Spent Scavenger, and Scavenger.

Cancen’s waste water disposal wells fully conform to all AER regulations and guidelines. Safety and environmental impact are our number one concern.

Our waste water disposal operators have been trained to the highest standards. They are experienced, safety conscious professionals who strive to keep wait times to a minimum.

Class 1B Disposal Wells

List of Approved Waste Streams:

Produced Water (Sweet Only) WATER Wash Fluids – organic WSHORG
Boiler Blowdown Water BLBDWT Wash Fluids – Water WSHWTR
Caustic Solutions (Neutralized)* CAUS Water Process (with heavy metals) PWTRHM
Corrosion Inhibitor/Oxygen Scavenger solutions CORINH Contaminated Surface Waters and Leachate CWATER
Hydrotest Fluids – Methanol METHNL Acid Solutions (Neutralized)* ACID
Sweetening Agents (Liquid) SWLIQ Well Workover Fluids WWOFLD
Glycol Solution (no heavy metals) GLYC